Besides scientific papers, project outlines and (intermediate) results of COLOMBO are presented at webinars, workshops and other events. Please find a summary of these presentations below.


A first stakeholder workshop took place in the context of the European ITS congress in Helsinki on the 18th of June 2014.

The session started with an introduction held by Anders Torp Madsen (Municipality of Copenhagen) who described the traffic surveillance and traffic lights systems in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Afterwards, COLOMBO's intermediate results from traffic surveillance, traffic lights control, and simulation were presented. The session closed with a summary on traffic management, data fusion, and simulations given by Hans van Lint (TU Delft, Netherlands).

Presentation slides :


The first COLOMBO webinar was performed on the 22nd of April 2014. The following topics were discussed during the presentations :

The second COLOMBO webinar will take place on Wednesday 22nd of July 2015, 5-6 pm CET. Agenda:

  • WP1: Data fusion (EURECOM/FR)
  • WP2/3: Optimization scale (University of Bologna/IT)
  • WP4: Emission optimal traffic light control TLC (TU Graz/AT)
  • WP5: Evaluation of TLC scenarios (DLR/DE)

Access via Adobe Connect (please try to connect well in advance as the Adobe Connect Meeting add-in needs to be installed)

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