The COLOMBO project uses and enhances several software packages, of which most are available as open source. The following figure shows how they interact in general. For more detailed information please refer to the stated respective deliverables or links in the sub-sections below.

SUMO | Scenarios

SUMO (Simulation of Urban MObility) is an open source (GPL) traffic simulation. The extensions done in COLOMBO are integrated from the major release version 0.23 onwards. They comprise:

  • PHEMlight, an emission model derived from PHEM,
  • Models of pedestrian and bicycles movements,
  • new traffic light algorithms, based on swarm intelligence.
  • traceExporter to generate export files of simulated vehicles' traces for PHEM, OMNET, Shawn, ns-2/ns-3, and GPSDAT.

The evaluation suite is not implemented so far.

Further documentation on SUMO and the scenario XML files can be found at:

and in deliverables D5.2 "Traffic Simulation Extensions" and D5.3 "Traffic Light Algorithm Evaluation System".


ns-3 (network simulator 3) is an open source (GPL) communication simulation.


The "iTETRIS Control System" (iCS) is an open source (GPL) V2X simulation middleware that joins SUMO, ns-3, and applications into an executable system.


PHEM (Passenger and Heavy Vehicles Emission Model) is a model of vehicular emissions. PHEM is a commercial application.

Tuning Tool Kit

The Tuning Tool Kit (tuningTK) defines a common interface to several automatic algorithm configuration tools. The current release 0.6 as free software under the GPL supports ParamILS, SMAC, and irace. It includes the user documentation as well as a sample project.

Further documentation: COLOMBO deliverable D3.1 "Prototype of Automatic Configuration and Tuning Tool Kit".