Simulation Software

The COLOMBO project uses several simulation software packages to emulate the real world environment in which the traffic management solutions are embedded as Software-in-the-Loop. The following figure shows how they interact in general. For more detailed information please refer to the stated respective deliverables or links in the sub-sections below.

For download instructions please refer to the general software page.

SUMO | Scenarios

SUMO (Simulation of Urban MObility) is an open source (GPL) traffic simulation. The extensions done in COLOMBO are integrated from the major release version 0.23 onwards. They comprise:

  • PHEMlight, an emission model derived from PHEM,
  • Models of pedestrian and bicycles movements,
  • new traffic light algorithms, based on swarm intelligence.
  • traceExporter to generate export files of simulated vehicles' traces for PHEM, OMNET, Shawn, ns-2/ns-3, and GPSDAT.

The evaluation suite written in JAVA assists to turn raw second-by-second SUMO output into semi-aggregated CSV files containing the performance indicators for each lane. Evaluation tool kit download (*.zip ~5 MB).

Further documentation on SUMO and the scenario XML files can be found at:

and in deliverables D5.2 "Traffic Simulation Extensions" and D5.3 "Traffic Light Algorithm Evaluation System".


ns-3 (network simulator 3) is an open source (GPL) communication simulation.


The "iTETRIS Control System" (iCS) is an open source (GPL) V2X simulation middleware that joins SUMO, ns-3, and applications into an executable system.


PHEM (Passenger and Heavy Vehicles Emission Model) is a model of vehicular emissions. PHEM is a commercial application.